On Demand Delivery Methods of the Future

Jeffrey Preston “Jeff” Bezos is an American Internet entrepreneur and investor. He is a technology entrepreneur who has played a key role in the growth of e-commerce as the founder and CEO of Jeff is one of the great visionary minds of our time who is capable of executing and…

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Ask the big questions about our Universe, our planet, life and humanity. Explore where we are going in the future and challenge your students to develop the skills and knowledge they need to get there. David Christian explains big history, the scale of its 13.7 billion year timeline, the many…

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The Willis Resilience Expedition 2013

Global risk adviser and insurance and reinsurance broker Willis Group teams up with young explorer Parker Liautaud in an attempt to break the speed record for transiting Antarctica from the coast to the South Pole on foot, and become the youngest man ever to accomplish this feat. “On the 3rd December 2013,…

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American Drive-in Theaters

When’s the last time you went to a drive-in theater? You might want to add it to your list of summertime activities. Take the pledge, visit your local drive-in theater. In less than 3 months, the majority of American drive-in theaters will face closure with the movie industry’s conversion from film…

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Wood Gutmann & Bogart Insurance Brokers

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